Traveling Alone? Not a problem…

One problem I’ve faced in my travel quest is who to travel with, since my husband can’t just take off and go on a two week trip to Peru. I have traveled with friends, but so many times it just doesn’t work out with schedules, decisions on where to go, etc. I’ve gone on teacher group trips and they were just OK, nothing to write home about (pun intended)!

But I have the solution for traveling alone ~ Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT travel) and/or Grand Circle Travel if you like river cruises. I traveled with OAT last summer to Peru and had a wonderful time! And I used my United Air miles to get there! Some of the advantages with OAT: your own room, no roommate (!), small groups of sixteen or less, trips all over the world, flexibility in planning the trip, many dates to choose from, and excellent value for your money. I met amazing men and women on my Peru trip, some who had gone on eight or more trips with OAT. I am VERY impressed with this family-owned company out of Boston and highly recommend them. You can even use my customer number for $100 off your next adventure, #1963776. So look them up on the internet, explore their travel adventures and don’t be afraid to go alone! (Full disclosure: I get a free trip if 10 people use my customer number within two years).

Here are some pictures from my Peru trip, with Machu Picchu being one of my all time favorites!











Traveling Alone? Not a problem… — 2 Comments

  1. Ellen, I recognize all the photos that I took of you in Peru. Peru was a great trip and I so enjoyed meeting you. We must travel together again my friend.

    Love your blog and all the travel info.


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