SW to Savannah…

DSC06124My hubby and I used the fantastic Southwest Companion Pass to fly to Savannah for a long weekend earlier this summer. (Actually, we flew to Charleston and drove to Savannah because SW doesn’t fly into Savannah). We used our two free Hyatt nights to stay at the Hyatt Andaz in the historic district and one free IHG night at the Hotel Indigo, which was across the street from the Hyatt! The total airfare cost was $22.40 and the rental car was around $50 because of another discount! So it was a wonderful way to spend an essentially free weekend! Here are some photos…DSC06040DSC06045DSC06156DSC06160DSC06163DSC06162


DSC06046DSC06054DSC06056One day was rainy, so we went to the National Mighty Eighth Museum. It’s the only museum dedicated to the Eighth Air Force, and welcomes 20,000 students a year! It was very interesting, even for someone like me, not that interested in military stuff!DSC06068DSC06070DSC06084DSC06086


The weather changed and the next day was beautiful, with bright sunshine, and we walked the historic district and went to some of the twenty-two historic squares in Savannah! Each square is a little greenery surrounded by homes, churches, and museums.DSC06093DSC06091DSC06101DSC06102DSC06105DSC06122DSC06125DSC06136DSC06147DSC06164


We had trouble on the way home – a HUGE storm was in Dallas and our flight was cancelled, so we rented a car and drove home. Our cost ended up being more than was mentioned above, but it was still a fun getaway weekend!

Next up, my summer trip!


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