Singapore Airlines 1st Class SUITES!

dsc06347(This is part of a trip report to the South Pacific, flying Singapore Airlines and Etihad first class and Lufthansa business class home)!

I can’t believe it’s been two months since my last blog post! We have had a super busy fall, with lots of family visits and the start of a new school year for me! Sorry for the long delay, thanks for reading, and here goes on my summer trip report to Singapore, South Pacific islands, Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, and finally home!

We were able to fly Singapore Airlines first class suites from JFK to Frankfurt, then on to Singapore. We used Thank You points from the Citi card, which transferred to Singapore Airlines, ie, Kris Flyer miles. We were continuing on to Auckland for the South Pacific Islands, when we realized we could have done a stopover in Singapore for $100 on the same itinerary. SO, we “waitlisted” that flight for first/business class seats AND we got them! My friend got first class and I got business, but more on that later.

The cost of this JFK to Singapore flight was $7,881 and we paid 93,500 points and $240! It was an unbelievable value for an unforgettable experience! Here are some pictures of the lounge in JFK…dsc06293dsc06296

dsc06298dsc06297What can I say about the flight? Stellar service, white table cloth, lie flat double bed with a door, what more could you want? The center console you see in the pictures retracts to make a double bed. They had extra seats, so I spent some time in a window seat after a nap! dsc06316dsc06321

dsc06299dsc06302dsc06333dsc06320dsc06340dsc06326dsc06334dsc06336dsc06337dsc06338During our two hour stop in Frankfurt, we were led to the lounge there and escorted back, with a new flight crew to continue on to Singapore.dsc06346

dsc06345dsc06343Back to the plane for more pampering and posh service! dsc06348


We landed in Singapore early in the morning and wanted to have breakfast in “The Private Room,” which is only available to those flying first class suites. So we did that before going to our hotel. dsc06358

dsc06359dsc06352dsc06353Next up, Singapore Changi Airport and the IHG, Singapore…

P.S. I want one of those flight attendant outfits!  (:

SW to Savannah…

DSC06124My hubby and I used the fantastic Southwest Companion Pass to fly to Savannah for a long weekend earlier this summer. (Actually, we flew to Charleston and drove to Savannah because SW doesn’t fly into Savannah). We used our two free Hyatt nights to stay at the Hyatt Andaz in the historic district and one free IHG night at the Hotel Indigo, which was across the street from the Hyatt! The total airfare cost was $22.40 and the rental car was around $50 because of another discount! So it was a wonderful way to spend an essentially free weekend! Here are some photos…DSC06040DSC06045DSC06156DSC06160DSC06163DSC06162


DSC06046DSC06054DSC06056One day was rainy, so we went to the National Mighty Eighth Museum. It’s the only museum dedicated to the Eighth Air Force, and welcomes 20,000 students a year! It was very interesting, even for someone like me, not that interested in military stuff!DSC06068DSC06070DSC06084DSC06086


The weather changed and the next day was beautiful, with bright sunshine, and we walked the historic district and went to some of the twenty-two historic squares in Savannah! Each square is a little greenery surrounded by homes, churches, and museums.DSC06093DSC06091DSC06101DSC06102DSC06105DSC06122DSC06125DSC06136DSC06147DSC06164


We had trouble on the way home – a HUGE storm was in Dallas and our flight was cancelled, so we rented a car and drove home. Our cost ended up being more than was mentioned above, but it was still a fun getaway weekend!

Next up, my summer trip!

Summer trip preview…

WHEW! I’ve had a very busy summer and have been gone lots, but here’s a preview of my big summer trip to Singapore, South Pacific, Sydney, plus more! Details later on how we booked a $33,996 trip for $3,996! I don’t teach math, but I am NOT making up these numbers, I promise! (These photos are not in chronological order). Next up, a long weekend to Savannah, using my SW companion pass! DSC07731DSC07869DSC07907DSC08001DSC06466DSC06409DSC06526DSC06542DSC06591DSC06697DSC06749DSC06804DSC06956DSC07037DSC07069DSC07284DSC07356DSC07453DSC07465DSC07503DSC07551DSC07604DSC07683DSC06357


DSC05996(This is the last of a trip report to Canary Islands, with a stopover in London, flying British Airways first class, using a “Travel Together ticket, booked with miles and paying fees.)
There were four things we wanted to do in London ~ number one, stay at the Mayfair! It was fantastic and free – we were able to use our Club Carlson points and spent two nights.DSC05953
DSC05967Number two on the list was afternoon tea, and because it was Easter weekend and a holiday, it was difficult. But our concierge got us a booking at the quiet Duke Hotel, right around the corner, and it was wonderful!DSC05940DSC05944
 The Mayfair location was excellent for number three on the list – SHOP! London has so many unusual stores that we don’t have in the US, and we definitely shopped. We went to lots of little shops (Cath Kidson being one), Harrods, and Selfridges, and it was all within walking distance of a tube station and close to our hotel.DSC05970DSC05975DSC05976DSC05979DSC05980DSC05993DSC05987DSC05988DSC05984
 And number four on the list was to eat at the Duck & Waffle, the highest restaurant in London, open 24/7 AND they do serve duck and waffle, which we ordered! DSC06006DSC06012DSC06023DSC06025DSC06036IMG_3504 
 London was a quick stopover, but we sure made use of our time! Enjoying the Concorde Room at Heathrow and flying home BA first class was a great ending to a spring break trip!IMG_3524 (1)IMG_3525 (2)IMG_3526FullSizeRender (10)FullSizeRender (11)IMG_3546 (1)
Next up, a southern city via the SW Companion Pass!