Vieques…my favorite beach!

My very favorite beach on Vieques was “Playa Negra,” or Black Sand Beach. When we went, there were only two people there (locals, they know the good beaches)! It’s not the easiest to find, and you have to park on the road and walk about fifteen minutes along a creek bed, but it was well worth it!


My oldest son and I went to the beach because the other two “wanted to relax,” ie, take a nap!



It’s an absolutely beautiful beach!


Southwest Airlines ~ 50,000 miles!

Southwest Airlines 50,000 mile offer is back! 


This is one of my favorite credit cards because of the very valuable Southwest Companion pass! I have already used it for our trip to Puerto Rico and have three more trips planned and booked with points! Where else can two people go to Puerto Rico, Key West, Reno, and Phoenix in six months, costing about $20 each TRIP?!

You can get the Premier OR Plus versions of this card AND the business version of each! (See my airline credit card section). Think you don’t have a valid business? You do NOT have to be incorporated to have a small business. has an excellent list on how/why you may have a business.

If you got two cards, you would get 104,000 bonus miles (50,000 bonus each + 2,000 spend each). It only takes 6,000 more to qualify for the Companion Pass (110,000) and it’s good for TWO YEARS! So IF you are able to pay off your credit card debt every month, take advantage of this fantastic offer!



Beautiful sunset in Vieques compliments of the SW Companion Pass! My favorite beach coming soon…



Beaches, beaches, and more beaches!

The beaches on Vieques were absolutely phenomenal! They are plentiful and very uncrowded, even in “high season,” when we were there.



La Chiva, which is one and a half miles long, is known by the locals as “Blue Beach!”

The water seemed cold at first, but by the time we left, it felt like the temperature of warm bath water, VERY soothing…!

Relaxing in sand-made lounge chairs!


One day we took a picnic lunch and hammocks (hand-made by my eldest) to Playuela, aka “Red Beach.” It had shelters and trees to hang the hammocks, so we enjoyed the shade.




This is the view from the hammock I was lazing in ~ I had to pinch myself to believe it was real!


And, last but NOT least, our sand man we found on the beach! Coming up soon, my favorite beach…


Vieques costs…?

Vacationing in Vieques was fairly inexpensive! Here is a breakdown of costs per person for everything!

Flights (saved money using SW companion pass) – $125

Rental car – $104

Food – $90 groceries + $72 dining out = $162

Gas – $20

Flight + ferry = $36

Housing – $180

Activities (kayak rental, snorkeling, biobay tour) – $55

Total – $682

Rental vehicle ~ red jeep with our exploring sons!


We stayed on the island for six nights and groceries were really expensive. They have to ferry ALL the food over! We had huge home-cooked breakfasts (thanks to my wonderful husband) and usually ate out once per day. Unfortunately, we ate many meals at the expensive tourist spots, and found our favorite place (where the locals eat) the last night! Housing was a bit costly, but we wanted a house, not a hotel room. And the rental car was somewhat expensive, BUT it is imperative to have a car in order to explore the island.

IF I were doing it again, I would be more selective about shopping at the Supermarket, rather than the quick trip type store, where things were more expensive; and we’d eat where the locals do, where food was much cheaper and delicious!


Coming up: beaches tomorrow!