First time, first class…!

I have never flown first class before, so THIS was a real treat! This is the first in a series of trip reports for my spring break to the…Maldives!


After using a warm towel to wash our hands, we were brought a meal with a tablecloth and REAL silverware! My flight attendant was very attentive, so I’ve already let AA know about her!



Arriving LGA, New York City, soon to transfer to JFK. (Sorry for the poor quality).

More soon on the British Airways lounge at JFK.

Goodbye winter, hello spring break…!

Even though it snowed about an inch yesterday, spring break IS on the horizon! I will end my posts about Vieques and Puerto Rico (our trip there in December) with this photo of the security system at the Walmart parking lot in San Juan!

DSC_0390 DSCN4702


Last year during Spring Break, I was fortunate enough to visit Cabo, Mexico with a friend and stay in her timeshare!

And…coming soon, my spring break trip this year, booked with an American Airlines Explorer Award ticket, all in business or first class, costing 150,000 miles and $84!

A fort built on SIX levels…!

We only had half a day in San Juan, and the fort is a must see! We visited “El Morro,” which is part of the National Park Service in the US. There are two forts in San Juan, and this one is the larger of the two, built on six levels on this point of land.


The trade winds blew sailing ships from Europe, helped by ocean currents. Puerto Rico was the first major island with water, food, and shelter.

Columbus “discovered” Puerto Rico on his second journey in 1493. Soon Spain established a colony because of all the gold, silver, spices, and furs from Mexico, Central, and South America. They needed to protect those treasures, hence the forts. (And I “discovered” these three good looking guys!)

El Morro was built over 10 generations and a time span of 250 years! Looking to the other fort, Castillo San Cristobal, a half hour walk away.



San Juan, PR (snow day #13!)

Yes, you read that correctly…today is snow day number THIRTEEN! I can NOT believe we have missed so many days of school and I can NOT wait for spring. But enough of winter…I want to talk about San Juan, Puerto Rico. To me, there were two places of interest on the island of PR – the rain forest and the fort. We experienced the rain forest at a marvelous little hotel, called El Hotelito, about 45 minutes from San Juan.


It’s right in the middle of the rain forest, built by a stockbroker years ago and run by his family. We arrived at night and the road up the hill was muddy, so Rafael graciously picked us up. These views are all from the next morning.

Breakfast is included…



There’s even wifi and a library for guests to use!



I loved it and wished we’d had more time!