NYC for $200!

My girlfriend and I LOVE NYC, so this was a fun trip for both of us! My flight on American was booked with half price Amex points (you pay with points and get 50% back). But I had to make a change, so it cost me $200 for the fare difference. We stayed at the Intercontinental on Times Square, which cost $415 per night but we paid with IHG points. Going for four nights to NYC for about $200 sounds good to me!  (:

Here’s our hotel with a view of the Hudson!

I’d never been inside the iconic New York Library, which is the 2nd largest in the US, with 53 million items! The year before it was finished (1910) 75 miles of bookshelves were built and it took one year to move all the books!

Regardless of your politics, a visit to the Trump Tower is interesting…it reminded me of the Middle East, with glitz and gold.

We both have visited before, so we wanted to do some different things this time. I’ve always loved the structure of the Brooklyn Bridge, which is 134 years old, so we walked across it one day. Here are some fun facts about it: each tower weighs 90,000 tons, it rises three inches when it’s cold, and there are 14,000 miles of wire used in the bridge!

The High Line is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side, and we did this one day. 

 Of course, when in NYC, you must go to a Broadway production, so we went to see “Beautiful,” the musical about Carole King’s life and it was excellent! And a visit to Times Square was easy because our hotel was right there. Did you know Times Square is not a square shape, but a bowtie with two triangles meeting?!

And the food in the city is extraordinary, so we ate and ate and ate! We also walked and walked and walked, so it all balanced out! Some places we ate: Juliana’s Pizza in Brooklyn, Sarabeth’s for brunch, and Eataly for fantastic Italian food!

Central Park is a must visit also…

 Next up, my summer trip…


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  1. Your photos made me long to return to NYC! While I’ve been there probably a dozen times in my life, there are always so many new things to see and do. So glad you went to the library! I loved seeing that reading room and the famous lions again. Try Zabar’s for a real Jewish Deli on the west side next trip. And the Cloisters are incredible. They’re part of the Metropolitan Museum and located on the very northern tip of Manhattan. Both Zabar’s and the Cloisters are easy to access from the subway. Just take the “A” train!😎 Did you get to try the roof restaurant at Eataly’s? Great views. And I was so happy to find the little space there that sold Santa Maria Novella producers from Florence. (So glad you told me about that special place in Florence!) Safe travels, friend!

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