Grand Canaria is GRAND!

DSC05933(This is part of a trip report flying British Airways first class, using a “Travel Together” ticket to Canary Islands, via London).

We flew from Tenerife to Gran Canaria and had an amazing timeshare in Mogan, with absolutely stunning views, AND a garden!DSC05743DSC05740DSC05739DSC05744DSC05748DSC05758


Our first day we rode the bus to Maspalomas sand dunes, and they were great! (But not as beautiful as the white sands of Lencois Maranhenses in Brazil). DSC05783DSC05791


We rented a car the next two days and drove first to Picos de las Nieves, which we couldn’t see because of the weather. Then it was to Barranco de Guayadeque – a canyon area, with cave restaurants and some the BEST food of the trip!DSC05812DSC05811DSC05817DSC05819DSC05821DSC05841DSC05845DSC05846DSC05847DSC05852DSC05855DSC05860


We had read about GC 200 coastal road, which all the locals said wasn’t worth it, but I’m SO glad we made the (very crooked) drive – there were spectacular views! So in one day we went all the way around the island! WHEW!DSC05868DSC05870DSC05873DSC05875DSC05879


Our next day was less driving – we went to a quaint little town in the north and to Teror Crater.DSC05897DSC05903DSC05906


DSC05907DSC05910DSC05922The last days were just walks on the beach and relaxing with our view!.DSC05770DSC05772DSC05775DSC05777DSC05930DSC05931DSC05934DSC05749DSC05753


Next up, London…


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