Fes = Fantastic Shopping!

On our trip to Morocco, traveling from Chefchaouen (which I LOVED) to Fes made for a somewhat long day, but we had some interesting stops along the way. Our first stop was Volubilis, a Roman ruin dating to 225 BC. It was great to stretch our legs and just take in the views of the countryside!

Another stop was the city of Meknes, where we saw the Bab Mansour gate, the most famous of twenty gates leading into the walls. The Arabic inscription at the top reads in part, “I am the most beautiful gate in Morocco.”

The restaurant in Meknes where we ate lunch and the view out the window! 

In Fes, our riad (traditional Moroccan house) was at the edge of the medina (historic old town with high walls and the market or souk) and here are some photos…

The next day we explored Fes with a guide, which was included in our tour. Some of the places we went were a pottery cooperative shop, a tannery, and the Royal Palace Gate. The king of Morocco has many palaces (and gates) and is well respected because of his efforts to modernize the country, according to our driver.

One thing noticeable about Morocco was the very real presence of police…I never felt unsafe. And there are LOTS of tourists from all over Europe. And we loved shopping the specialty shops in Fes, ie, leather and pottery! 

Next up, our desert safari adventure, ie, glamping!

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